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Associate Professor of Hydrogeology
Geological Sciences Department
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Ph.D., University of Arizona, Hydrology (2010), Minor in Geoscience

Dissertation Research: Elemental and isotope geochemistry of  Appalachian Basin fluids: constraints on basin-scale brine migration, water-rock reactions, microbial processes, and natural gas generation,

Advisor: Dr. Jennifer McIntosh


M.S., Georgia State University, Geology (2006)

Graduate Research: The Causes and Timing of Illite Formation in the Cretaceous Marias River Shale, Disturbed Belt, Montana,

Advisor: Dr. W. Crawford Elliott


M.S., University of California at Riverside, Soil Science (1997)


B.S., University of California at Riverside, Environmental Science (1995)

Research Interests

My research interests broadly consist of utilizing elemental and isotopic analyses of multiple substrates (gas, rock, and water) to address fundamental questions of fluid and solute transport, biogeochemistry of solutes and radionuclides, microbial processes, and diagenetically induced water-rock reactions in subsurface environments. 

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